Entry Level Stewardship (ELS) Handbook 2013 (NE349)

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As the Government’s adviser on the natural environment, Natural England are committed to provide practical advice, grounded in science, on how best to safeguard England’s natural wealth for the benefit of everyone.

Our remit is to ensure sustainable stewardship of the land and sea so that people and nature can thrive. It is our responsibility to see that England’s rich natural environment can adapt and survive intact for future generations to enjoy.

We work with farmers and land managers, business and industry, planners and developers, national and local government, interest groups and local communities to help them improve their local environment.

Our ‘Promise to you’ is our public commitment to delivering excellent customer service, setting out what you can expect from our staff, our commitment to our service standards and customers, and our desire to continually learn from our customer feedback.

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Many of the ES options will reduce the Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions associated with your farming activities, for instance, by reducing the use of inorganic fertilisers and increasing carbon stores in soils. You can estimate the carbon footprint of your farm by logging on to the Country Land & Business Association’s (CLA) Carbon Accounting for Land Managers (CALM) tool at www.cla.org.uk/calm. Natural England and the CLA have been working together to build in a specific ES element to CALM enabling you to estimate the impact of your ES option choices on your farm’s carbon footprint.



Natural England is here to secure a healthy natural environment for people to enjoy, where wildlife is protected and England’s traditional landscapes are safeguarded for future generations.

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