Entry Level Stewardship (ELS) Handbook 2013 (NE349)
J Options to protect soil and water

Examples of run-off due to poor farm management


Soil and water are vital resources. The way land is managed can have a huge impact on both our soils and water resources. Damage to soils through poor land management can cause problems on the farm, such as loss of productivity through removal of topsoil and blocked drains and ditches. There are also more far-reaching effects, such as impacts on water quality and aquatic life and on how flooding is managed, or prevented.

The options available under this section will allow you to take management action to minimise run-off and erosion. Options in other sections, particularly for buffer strips, arable land, grassland and some upland options, can also help manage water flows across farmland and help reduce the incidence of run-off and erosion. Figure 8 provides an illustration of how these options can combine to minimise the risks of soil erosion and run-off.

Figure 8 – How ELS options can be used to protect soil and water
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