Entry Level Stewardship (ELS) Handbook 2013 (NE349)

Appendix 4 - Animal numbers converted into Livestock Units

Table 13 Animal numbers converted into Livestock Units (LUs)

Animal numbers are converted into Livestock Units as follows: LUs
Dairy cow 1.0
Beef cow 1.0
Cattle over two years old 0.7
Cattle six months to two years 0.6
Lowland ewe and lamb 0.12
Hill ewe and lamb 0.08
Ram and teg over six months old 0.15
Ewe follower and/or store lamb 0.08
Horse 1.0
Pony 0.8


These values are for medium-sized breeds. Large breeds will have approximately 20 per cent higher LU values and small breeds will be approximately 20 per cent lower, for each category.

Other grazing ruminants, such as deer or camelids, should be allocated an LU value in proportion to their liveweight, ie 60 kg animal approximately = 0.1 LU.

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