Entry Level Stewardship (ELS) Handbook 2013 (NE349)

3.2 Compulsory requirements for ELS and upland management

UPDATED in 2013
EA1 Farm Environment Record

1 point per ha

As part of your application, you must identify and map the features listed and described on the FER Map key that are present on your land. Follow the instructions in Section 4.3.2, Step 2, to do so. The completed map(s) must be submitted with your application form. As long as the markings you make are clear and understandable, we will be able to accept your map(s).

You must retain all features marked on your FER Map for the duration of your agreement.

Compulsory requirements for SDA land in Uplands ELS
The management requirements UX1UX3 are compulsory. Depending on the category of land, either UX2 or UX3 must be located on each SDA land parcel. UX1 must be located on all moorland parcels where there are two or more active graziers.

  • Fenced and ungrazed woodland in the SDA above the moorland line is not eligible for UX3.
  • Fenced and ungrazed woodland in the SDA below the moorland line is eligible for UX2.
  • Where an appropriate HLS woodland/scrub option is in place, the HLS prescriptions over-ride the UX3 minimum stocking requirements.
  • Where EWGS is in place, the EWGS requirements over-ride the UX3 minimum stocking requirements.
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