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European protected Species - Animals

The following table lists animal species that are protected by the Conservation (Natural Habitats) Regulations 1994 (as amended):

Common name

Scientific name

Bats, Horseshoe (all species)


Bats, Typical (all species)


Butterfly, Large Blue

Maculinea arion

Cat, Wild

Felis silvestris

Dolphins, porpoises and whales (all species)



Muscardinus avellanarius

Frog, Pool*

Rana lessonae

Lizard, Sand

Lacerta agilis

Moth, Fisher’s Estuarine*

Gortyna borelii lunata

Newt, Great Crested (or Warty)

Triturus cristatus

Otter, Common

Lutra lutra

Snail, Lesser Whirlpool Ram’s-horn*

Anisus vorticulus

Snake, Smooth

Coronella austriaca


Acipenser sturio

Toad, Natterjack

Bufo calamita

Turtles, Marine

Caretta caretta Chelonia mydas Lepidochelys kempii Eretmochelys imbricata Dermochelys coriacea

*These species were added to Schedule 2 (European protected species of animals) of the Conservation (Natural Habitats &c.) Regulations 1994 on 1st October 2008 via Statutory Instrument 2008 No.2172 The Conservation (Natural Habitats, &c.) (Amendment) (England and Wales) Regulations 2008

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