Cross Compliance: Guide to Cross Compliance in England 2015 (GCCE 2015 v1)


What is cross compliance?

‘Cross compliance’ is a set of rules which tells applicants what they must (and must not) do to receive rural payments for:

  • the Basic Payment Scheme
  • Countryside Stewardship
  • Entry Level Stewardship (including Organic Entry Level Stewardship and Uplands Entry Level Stewardship)
  • Higher Level Stewardship (including Organic Higher Level Stewardship and Uplands Higher Level Stewardship, but not including HLS agreements that started before 1 January 2007)
  • Woodland Management Grant and Farm Woodland Premium elements of English Woodland Grant Scheme.

Cross compliance is made up of ‘Statutory Management Requirements’ (SMRs) and ‘Good Agricultural and Environmental Conditions’ (GAECs). They are about:

  • public, animal and plant health
  • environment, climate change and good agricultural condition of land
  • animal welfare.

Cross compliance and other legislation

This guide covers a variety of activities. In most cases, these are things that claimants should be doing anyway – under European and UK legislation – even if they don’t apply for rural payments.

Where there are other rules about particular topics, we’ve said so in the ‘More information’ section of each GAEC and SMR. Claimants should follow this guidance if it applies to them but it doesn’t form part of cross compliance and so won’t affect payments for the above schemes.

Which rules apply to you?

Use this guide to work out which SMRs and GAECs apply to you, and what you need to do to follow them. Depending on the type of holding you have, you may not need to follow every SMR and GAEC.

Some GAECs and SMRs have this warning sign at the top of the page (see left). These are the rules that people often don’t follow properly – and only realise when they get inspected and lose money. Take extra care when you read these and make sure you know exactly what you need to do.

For more information about common failures, see ‘Cross compliance: 2013 inspection results.

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