Invasive weeds: Guidance for the control of invasive weeds in or near fresh water


2,4-D amine - a selective translocated herbicide.

Axil - the angle where the leaf joins the stem.

Biomass - the amount of plant material produced during growth.

Contact - a herbicide that kills the parts of plants to which it is applied, for example leaves.

COSHH - Control of Substances Hazardous to Health.

Diquat - a non-selective contact herbicide used mainly for the control of submerged weeds and some algae. NB Only permitted for use until June 2004.

Eutrophic - water that has an excess of plant nutrients.

Glyphosate - a non-selective, translocated herbicide.

Hybrid - offspring of closely related species that are often more vigorous than either of the parents.

Node - region of attachment of leaves to the stem and of swelling on rhizomes from which roots and shoots arise.

Petiole - the stalk of a leaf.

Riparian - the area at the edge of watercourses.

Selective - term used for a herbicide that kills only one type of plant, for example only grasses or only broad-leaved weeds.

Succulent - fleshy or swollen.

Translocated  - absorbed and distributed throughout the plant to the roots and shoots.

Wetting agent - a herbicide additive used to increase absorption of the herbicide through the waxy leaves of aquatic plants.

Whorl - a circular set of leaves arising at the same level on a stem.

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