ADLib Glossary (C)


Controlled Waters

These are fully defined in Section 104 of the Water Resources Act 1991. They include in summary:

  1. Relevant territorial waters which extend seaward for three miles from the low-tide limit from which the territorial sea adjacent to England and Wales is measured.
  2. Coastal waters from the low-tide limit to the high-tide limit or fresh-water limit of a river or watercourse.
  3. Inland freshwaters
    • Natural and artificial lakes, ponds, reservoirs, rivers or watercourses above the fresh-water limit
    • Natural and artificial underground rivers and watercourses
    • Surface water sewers, ditches and soakaways that discharge to surface or groundwater
    • It also includes those that may be currently dry.
  1. Groundwaters any waters contained in underground strata.

It does not include any public sewer or any drain that enters into a public sewer (foul sewer).

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