TB in Cattle: Reducing the Risk (PB4516)

Other points


Most insurance companies will include cover for TB losses as part of their farm policies. Obviously this will cost more in areas considered to be at high risk of TB, but it may well prove cheaper than an uninsured breakdown.

Helping MAFF to help you

MAFF is conducting a large-scale investigation to try and find out why some farms have TB and others do not. All farmers with TB found in their cattle will be asked to help complete a questionnaire on the farm, farm management practices, cattle, wildlife, and other factors which might influence the spread of the disease. We need to obtain similar information from other farms that have not had TB so that we can compare the two. If you are asked to help, please do so. The answers will be analysed and used to develop more focused guidance.

MAFF (Now Defra), PB4516
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