Highways Act (as amended)

Applies to EnglandApplies to Wales

Title: Highways Act (as amended)

Category: England and Wales - Law

Date: 1980 (amended 1986) [Full text not available]

Reference: * (see also Amendments to the Highways Act 1980)

General Description:

This Act provides for the creation, improvement and maintenance of roads and for acquisition of land. Part XII of the Act provides powers to highway authorities to acquire land, by agreement or compulsion. This may be for road construction, improvement and for ancillary purposes such as the provision of service areas. Land may also be acquired for mitigating adverse effects on surrounding areas arising from construction. Compulsory purchase is subject to limits on the distance from the highway. This is limited to 220 yards from the middle of the proposed highway (s289). Section 253 enables agreements to be made for land adjoining or in the vicinity of the proposed road, for the purpose of mitigating adverse effects associated with construction, improvement or operation.

This Act makes it an offence to start a fire within 50 feet of the centre of a road, since this may distract passers-by or damage the highway.

Eroded soil from farmland can cause a hazard on highways, and under this act local authorities have the power to order works to prevent this from happening. Failure to comply could lead to a fine up to level 3 on the standard scale.

Pertinence to Agriculture: Agricultural Land, Soil Erosion

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