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British Arachnological Society

Mr Pip Collyer
25 Harford Manor Close

Tel: 01603 503280

E-mail: secretary@britishspiders.org.uk
E-mail: membership@britishspiders.org.uk
Web: http://www.britishspiders.org.uk/

In 1958 the Flatford Mill Spider Group was formed by a small band of enthusiasts lead by D.W. Mackie. This blossomed to a membership of 42 by 1963 and had a regular news bulletin produced by David Mackie. At this time it was decided to give it national status by renaming it the British Spider Study Group - by 1965 the membership had risen to 52 and included its first non-British members. At its tenth annual meeting in 1968 it was resolved the Group would change its status and become the British Arachnological Society.

The British Arachnological Society's aims to:

  • To further the education of the public by promoting the study of the Arachnida, especially spiders, pseudoscorpions and harvestmen.
  • To maintain close co-operation and understanding between amateur and professional arachnologists.
  • To publish the Bulletin of the British Arachnological Society.
  • To maintain and extend the Society's reprint library.
  • To encourage the exchange of information by all suitable means.


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