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Rhone-Poulenc Farm Management Study

For twenty years Rhone-Poulenc managed Boarded Barns Farm on behalf of the properties owners. The farm adjoins the Rhone-Poulenc Agriculture site and covers an area of 57 hectares.

Since 1989, following planning and discussions part of the farm has been managed in a manner complying with UKROFS registration as an organic arable production unit.

This has allowed a long term comparison between organic farm management and more conventional farm management.

During 1994 the study was widened to include examination of Integrated Crop Management. This further investigation is taking place on 24 hectares of adjacent land that is being rented for the purpose.

The study covers crop husbandry, crop quality, financial returns, and environmental impacts of the different management techniques.

Rhone-Poulenc Agriculture Limited have now become part of the Aventis Crop Science organisation.

Contact details:

C/O Steve Higginbotham:
Aventis Crop Science
Fyfield Road

Tel: 01277 301151
Fax: 01277 301186

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