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Agriculture & Horticulture Development Board
Stoneleigh Park

Tel: 024 7669 2051

Email: info@dairyco.org.uk
Web: http://www.dairyco.org.uk/

DairyCo are the new milk sector company working on behalf of dairy farmers to provide services not supplied by the industry. They have replaced the Milk Development Council (MDC) and report in to a new levy board - the Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board (AHDB).

DairyCo’s mission is to:

  • Promote world class knowledge to British dairy farmers so they can profit from a sustainable future.
  • As with the MDC, DairyCo’s remit will be to solve market failure in the industry – to tackle issues not currently being dealt with sufficiently to meet industry needs.
  • DairyCo will carry on providing important services BUT will also encourage the industry to ultimately take over these services – either on a commercial or voluntary basis.
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