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Less Intensive Farming and the Environment (LIFE)

This was a MAFF and European Union project managed by the Institute of Arable Crops Research (IACR) - Long Ashton Research Station. LIFE forms part of a European network of integrated farming systems research. The aim is to initiate demonstration projects, in the form of Pilot Farms, for technology transfer of integrated farming systems in European agriculture.

Two commercial farms were selected to be converted during autumn 1992. Prototype cropping systems, designed to be environmentally sensitive than those currently adopted, were formulated and implemented during 1992/3. Limits have been imposed on agrochemical, nutrient and fertiliser use, to minimise the extent of off-farm inputs and to reduce the impact both of crop protection chemicals on non-target flora and fauna and the potentially polluting elements in the soil and water.

The project aims to provide fundamental information on the effect, interactions and ecological implications of an integrated farming systems approach, and to develop less-intensive arable cropping systems that are both economically and environmentally viable.

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