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Horticultural Development Council (HDC)

The Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board
Stoneleigh Park

Tel: 024 7669 2051

Email: hdc@hdc.ahdb.org.uk
Web: http://www.hdc.org.uk/

The HDC's aim is to strengthen the competitive position of British Horticulture through effective research and technology interaction and, in particular:

  • To identify and fund scientific research and development appropriate to the ongoing needs of the horticultural industry.
  • To improve and maintain the efficiency and effectiveness of horticultural research and development
  • To ensure integration with Government and other research funding organisations.
  • To communicate the results effectively.
  • To develop, in British horticultural industries, an awareness of the contribution research and development can make to improve their efficiency and competitiveness.
  • To ensure accountability for expenditure on horticultural research and development.

Note: From 1st April 2003 the Apples and Pears Research Council (APRC) merged with the HDC.

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