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Farm Animal Welfare Council

FAWC Secretariat
Area 8B, 9 Millbank
c/o 17 Smith Square

Tel: 0207 238 5124 / 6340 / 5016
Fax: 0207 238 3169

E-mail: fawcsecretariat@defra.gsi.gov.uk
Web: http://www.fawc.org.uk/

An independent advisory body on farm animal welfare, established by the Government in 1979. It's remit is to 'keep under review the welfare of farm animals on agricultural land, at market, in transit and at the place of slaughter, and to advise the Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food and the Secretaries of State for Scotland and Wales of any legislative or other changes that may be necessary'.

After FAWC was created it undertook a review of the Codes of Recommendation for the Welfare of Livestock. Since then it has published a number of reports on specific welfare issues, and on a regular basis it makes recommendations to the Government, the European Commission and the farming industry by letter or by unpublished document.

Inevitably there is a wide range of views on any welfare issue. In reaching a decision the Council endeavours to take a balanced approach drawing on the considerable experience of its members and the views expressed by individuals and organisations outside FAWC, as well as scientific and technical advice drawn from the UK and abroad.

A range of FAWC publications is available free of charge from the FAWC Secretariat.

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