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Tel: 01335 343945/346138
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Email: facts@basis-reg.co.uk
Web: http://www.factsinfo.org.uk/

The FACTS scheme was launched in October 1993 by the Parliamentary Secretary at the Ministry of Agriculture, Lord Earl Howe, and it has since been taken up enthusiastically by fertiliser manufacturers and the supply trade.

The scheme provides for those who show their competence in practical advice by passing an examination to receive a certificate. This examination is supervised by an independent Committee which ensures uniformity and maintenance of suitably high standards. Certified advisers will carry an identification card.

The aims are two-fold. Farmers can be assured that advice on fertiliser use is fully based on their needs and the protection of the environment. And the public can be reassured that advisers act with professional responsibility, advising on the optimum amount of fertiliser for both economic and environmental reasons.

Advisers carrying a FACTS ID card - either salesmen or consultants - can be relied on to give precise advice on what fertilisers to use and how where and when.


The primary aim of FACTS is:  

  1. to maximise economic returns from farm used fertilisers, and
  2. to improve environmental management.

The FACTS website also provides FACTS members with access to a custom built ADLib Library containing fertiliser and nutrient related documents.

More information:

More information can be found on the professional advisers qualifications page.

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