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European Initiative for Integrated Farming (EIF)


National Agriculture Centre
Stoneleigh Park

Tel: 024 7641 3911
Fax: 024 7641 3636


European Initiative for Integrated Farming (EIF)
c/o FIP (Frdergemeinschaft Integrierter Pflanzenbau e V)
Ruchusstrasse 18A
53123 Bonn

Tel: 00 49 228 97993 30
Fax: 00 49 228 97993 40

The EIF is a group of six organisations from European countries, who are all aimed at promoting integrated farming within their own countries and, through EIF, throughout Europe. The EIF charter describes the organisation as a focal point and round table for communication and organisation at a European level. The six organisations are:

  • Frdergemeinschaft Integrierter Pflanzenbau (FIP) - Germany
  • Agrofuturo - Spain
  • Odling i Balans - Sweden
  • Frdergemeinschaft Integrierte Landbewirtschaftung Luxembourg (FILL) - Luxembourg
  • Linking Environment and Farming (LEAF) - Great Britain
  • Forum de l'Agriculture Raisonee Respectueuse de l'Environment (FARRE) - France

The separate organisations share a common objective in the promotion of integrated farming methods, although their work focuses on different aspects of this aim and different means of attaining it.

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