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Dow AgroSciences

Latchmore Court
Brand Street

Tel: 01462 457272
Fax: 01462 426605

Email: DowAgroSciencesUK@dow.com
Web: http://www.dowagro.com/uk

Dow AgroSciences, a wholly owned subsidiary of The Dow Chemical Company, began in 1989 as DowElanco, a joint venture between the plant sciences businesses of The Dow Chemical Company and Eli Lilly and Company. In 1997, DowElanco was renamed Dow AgroSciences when Dow acquired 100 percent ownership of the business from Lilly.

Their products and services are designed to solve problems for their customers, boosting agricultural productivity to maximum sustainable levels to meet the needs of the world’s expanding population. Their research focus is on game-changing technologies to provide better crops, better plant nutrition and more effective pest management solutions. The goal of their research efforts is faster, better, more efficient, more productive and more viable agriculture long-term.

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