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Butterfly Conservation Group

Butterfly Conservation: Head Office
Manor Yard
East Lulworth
BH20 5QP

Tel: 01929 400209
Fax: 01929 400210

Email: info@butterfly-conservation.org

Butterfly Conservation N. Ireland
3 New Line
BT30 9EP

Tel: 07584 597690

Email: bcni@btconnect.com

Butterfly Conservation Scotland
Balallan House
Allan Park

Tel: 01786 447753
Fax: 0870 7706152

Email: scotland@butterfly-conservation.org

Butterfly Conservation Wales
10 Calvert Terrace

Tel: 01792 642972
Fax: 01792 642985

Email: wales@butterfly-conservation.org

Web: http://www.butterfly-conservation.org/

The Butterfly Conservation Group's purpose is to secure a lasting future for all native butterflies, moths and their habitats within the UK.

Our ultimate goal is to help restore a balanced countryside with butterflies and other wildlife restored to the profusion that they, and we, once enjoyed.

Specific objectives are to:

  • Halt the decline of UK butterflies and moths, and improve the status of all threatened species.
  • Improve the extent and suitability of key habitats for butterflies and moths (such as broad-leaved woodland, chalk and limestone grassland), and also the quality of the countryside as a whole.
  • Place our conservation actions and priorities in a European and world context and disseminate our conservation knowledge internationally.
  • Encourage public involvement in conservation, for example by creating butterfly-friendly habitats in parks and gardens, and participation in local and national projects.
  • Collaborate with other voluntary and statutory groups to achieve our goals.
  • Create opportunities for Butterfly Conservation volunteers to organise and participate in national, and local conservation programmes, including reserve management.
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