Pesticides - Best Practice Guides

Best Practice Guides to Pesticide Use



Stewardship Guides

Before Spraying

The LERAP Scheme (November 2004)
Pesticides and Conservation (June 2004)
Guide to Biobeds (November 2004)
Emergency Procedures (November 2005)
Pesticide Storage (April 2004)
Spray Operator Training (May 2005)
Protective Equipment (April 2005)
Pesticide Handling Areas (November 2004)
Nozzle Selection and Maintenance (April 2005)
Pesticide Labelling (November 2004)
Safe application of slug pellets (October 2007)

During Spraying

Avoiding Drift (April 2005)
Container Cleaning (November 2005)
Hand Protection (February 2005)

After Spraying

Container Incineration (November 2004)
Record Keeping (April 2004)
Pesticide Disposal (November 2005)
Sprayer Cleaning (November 2003)
Pesticide Container Disposal (November 2005)

Product Decision Trees

High Volume Residual Herbicides (pilot catchments)
High Volume Residual Herbicides
Isoproturon, Chlorotoluron and Simazine

Other Leaflets

Skylarks Plots (April 2005)
Every drop counts
H20K? - Think Water
H2OK?- Knapsack do's and don'ts
Operator Check Sheet

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