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Catchment Abstraction Management Strategies (CAMS)

The Environment Agency is responsible for managing water resources in England and Wales. One of the ways that this is done is through licensing water abstraction and the development of Catchment Abstraction Management Strategies (CAMS). The CAMS process was launched for every catchment in England and Wales in 2001 with the publication of ‘Managing Water Abstraction: The Catchment Abstraction Management Strategy Process’ (updated July 2002). The objective is to provide a consistent and structured approach to local water resources management, recognising the reasonable needs of abstractors and the needs of the environment. This fits in with the needs of the Water Framework Directive, which requires a regular review of abstraction and impounding licences. CAMS enable the consideration of how much water can be abstracted from watercourses without damaging the environment. They will provide more local detail on the availability of water, and will allow a detailed assessment of where action may be needed to deal with problems of over abstraction. CAMS are designed to:

  • inform the public on water resources and licensing practice
  • provide a consistent approach to local water resources management
  • help to balance the needs of water users and the environment
  • involve the public in managing the water resources in their area.
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