Catchment Sensitive Farming: Practical Tips

Practical Tip: Fencing on a floodplain

If you are considering fencing on a floodplain, here are some key points:

  • Better if fences across floodplains are of a temporary nature– e.g. electric or can easily ‘drop down’.
  • Consider having extra strainer posts in the flow path so that only short lengths will be vulnerable during high flows;
  • Position gates away from the river;
  • Consider planting hedges either as the new boundary or on the stream side of a fence as they will help to reduce water velocity; and
  • If permanent fences are erected then any trash should be removed once the floodwaters have receded.

Electric fence removed for winter flows controls grazing on bank

Bankside fencing across the flow collects debris

For more general advice on fencing off surface water see the practical tip for fencing.

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