Catchment Sensitive Farming: Practical Tips

Practical Tip: Watergates

Watergates are required where fence lines cross rivers and streams. The watergate and the associated approach fencing should be separated from the main fence line.

The work should include the installation of approach fencing consisting of post and rail construction or fixed netting fence and should be erected in accordance with BS 1722 Fences.

Hanging Water Gates

The gate should consist of a series of wooden droppers attached to a length of wire cable or a round wooden rail which is suspended horizontally between the straining posts. Each gate should be constructed to fit the profile of the individual stream.

Droppers should be at least 50 mm square in cross section and constructed from sawn untreated timber which has been drilled and then threaded onto the cable or fencing wire with 150 mm lengths of plastic pipe acting as spacers. As a result, each dropper will be 150 mm apart. Where the stream gully is more than 1.5 m deep, 70 mm square untreated timber must be used to make up a gate which is hung on a round wooden pole using loops of fencing wire. It can be made in several sections.

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