ADLib Glossary (E)


Exempt persons (carrying waste)

You can register as a professional waste collector and transporter and/or dealer/broker of controlled waste if you are one of the following:

  • a waste collection authority, a waste disposal authority or a waste regulation authority under Part II of the Environmental Protection Act 1990
  • a charity
  • a voluntary organisation under section 48(11) of the Local Government Act 1985
  • a person who transports or a business which brokers waste that comprises only animal by-products, collected and transported in accordance with Article 7(1) or 7(2) of the Community Regulation (see section 11 of guidance)
  • a person who transports or brokers only waste from mines or quarries or agricultural waste (see section 10 of guidance).

If you donít fit into one or more of these categories, but carry or act as a broker of controlled waste for other people for profit you need to contact us for a different form to become a registered carrier and/or broker of controlled waste.

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