Scrapie - Advisory Notes for Farmers (PB9446)


Compensation is paid for reported scrapie suspects that are compulsorily slaughtered for diagnosis. For sheep or goats that are confirmed as having scrapie (following a laboratory examination), the compensation to be paid is £30 for a cull animal at the end of its productive life and £90 for any other animal. When the tests on the brain tissues are complete you will be informed as to whether or not scrapie has been confirmed by the laboratory examination. A higher level of compensation (linked to the true replacement cost, but limited to a maximum of £400) may be paid where a suspect animal is compulsorily slaughtered, but the laboratory diagnosis is unable to confirm scrapie. In addition to this, we will pay the diagnosis and carcase disposal costs. (Compensation costs correct at time of printing.)

Compensation will also be paid for animals slaughtered under the Voluntary and Compulsory Scrapie Flocks Schemes (see here).

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