Scrapie - Advisory Notes for Farmers (PB9446)

Scrapie – Advisory notes for farmers


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How do I know if my animals have scrapie?

When does scrapie occur?

Clinical signs of scrapie

How can I tell whether these clinical signs are caused by scrapie or another disease?

What else could these clinical signs indicate?

Could I definitely recognise scrapie straight away?

What would happen if I did not report a suspected scrapie animal?

What will happen when I report that I suspect an animal has scrapie?

What about the rest of my flock or herd?

What happens if the Veterinary Officer does not diagnose scrapie?

Why is it vital to report scrapie?


Can I do anything to stop my animals contracting scrapie?

What records do I need to keep?

‘Genotyping’: What is it, and how can it help me?

National Scrapie Plan (NSP)

NSP genotypes table

NSP semen archive

TSE testing – active surveillance

Further information

Defra website

Scrapie video

DEFRA PB9446, April 2004
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