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Soft brome

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Soft brome (Bromus mollis) is an annual grass often found in cultivated areas where the soil is open and frequently disturbed. It grows to a height of around 10 - 100 cm. Mature plants have dense soft hairs on the sheaths. Leaves are greyish-green in colour. individual blades are finely pointed and up to 20 cm long, flat and 2 - 7 mm wide. Compact flower spikelets occur in early summer.

Occurrence and spread

Soft brome is widespread throughout the lowlands of the British Isles especially along roadsides, on waste and all cultivated lands. Seeds germinate in autumn and the young plants grow rapidly through out the cooler months.

Control and management

Control can be achieved by a variety of herbicides. Seek advice from your BASIS qualified adviser. Economic control threshold is approximately 2 plant every 1 square metre.

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