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Meadow fescue

(see also Italian Ryegrass)

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Meadow fescue (Festuca pratensis) is a deep-rooted, tufted perennial grass commonly found on good soil in meadows and also along roadsides and river banks. It can reach a height of up to 120cm. Leaves are bright green and hairless. Individual blades are 3 to 8 mm wide and 10 to 50 cm long. They are bright green with the upper surface being dull and ridged whilst the lower surface is glossy and smooth. The bud-leaves are rolled. Panicles are loose and erect.

Occurrence and spread

Meadow fescue is widespread across the UK but is most common in England. It is abundant in water meadows and prefers loamy and heavy soils.

Control and management

Control can be achieved by a variety of herbicides. Seek advice from your BASIS qualified adviser.

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