Weeds - Identification of Injurious Weeds (PB4192)

Further Information

This leaflet gives a broad description of injurious weeds and some similar species, more detailed information is provided in published reference books, for example:

The Wild Flower Key (British Isles N.W. Europe) Rose, F. Publishers Frederick Warne/Penguin Group 1981.ISBN 0 7232 2419 6.

The Wild Flowers of Britain and Northern Europe Fifth Edition Fitter, A., Fitter, R. and Blamey, M. Publishers HarperCollins 1996. ISBN 000 2200627.

New Flora of the British Isles Second Edition Stace, C. Publishers Cambridge University Press 1997. ISBN 0521 589335.

Drawings of British Plants Ross-Craig, Stella. Publishers G Bell & Sons Ltd 1970. ISBN 0 7135 1710 7 (Out of print available in major reference libraries only.)

Docks & Knotweeds of the British Isles Lousley, J. E. & Kent, D. H. Botanical Society of the British Isles 1981. ISBN 0 01158 05 4.

Flora of the British Isles Clapham, A. R. Tutin, T. G. and Moore, D. M. Cambridge University Press 1990. ISBN 0521 389 747.


We are grateful for the permission given by Stella Ross-Craig for the use of her line drawings in this leaflet.

Reproduced under licence. Crown Copyright 1999. PB 4192 R/P 6/00

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