ARCHIVE: Entry Level Stewardship Handbook 2005 (PB10355)

Section 6 - Changes to your agreement

6.1    Can I make changes to my agreement?

Hopefully you will be able to carry out the options and management required under your agreement without any difficulty. However, the situation may arise where you may need to change the choice or location of your chosen options due to an unforeseen and serious situation arising (e.g. flooding, severe and prolonged weed infestation). An amendment may be made to your agreement in such a situation. It is important that there is continuity of management during your agreement if the environmental benefits are to be achieved. Amendments are therefore only intended to be used for changes which are absolutely necessary.

You must inform RDS about your proposed amendment before you make any changes to your options. Your amendment will not be valid until you have received a letter from your RDS office giving consent to the amendment.

We would not expect to amend an agreement more than once during its five year term. If you think you need to amend your agreement you must contact your RDS office to request an amendment request form (ERDP/LTA1). Once an amendment has been made, further amendments are only permitted in very exceptional circumstances (referred to as ‘force majeure’, see section 7.4).

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