ARCHIVE: Entry Level Stewardship Handbook 2005 (PB10355)

5.6    Protection of historic features

Your Environmental Information Map supplied by RDS will show some of the historic features (including archaeological sites and traditional farm buildings) on your land. If you have any of these features, you must meet the following scheme conditions:

  • Do not cause ground disturbance on known and currently uncultivated archaeological sites.
  • Do not sub-soil or de-stone on areas containing known archaeological sites unless these operations have been demonstrably undertaken as a routine in the past five years.
  • Do not deliberately plough more deeply or undertake additional drainage on those areas already under cultivation that contain known archaeological sites.
  • Do not run free-range pigs on archaeological sites.
  • Do not remove any useable building stone, walling stone or traditional roofing material off the land, excluding materials produced from established quarries.
  • Do not damage, demolish or remove stone from substantially complete ruined traditional farm buildings or field boundaries.
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