ARCHIVE: Entry Level Stewardship Handbook 2005 (PB10355)

The options in this section (EL1 - EL5) are only available on LFA land in parcels of less than 15 ha. EL6 is only available on LFA land in parcels of 15 ha or more.

All other options may also be used on LFA land (where the option eligibility and management rules can be met) except those for lowland grassland outside the LFA (EK1 to EK5).

LFAs are Less Favoured Areas, where the natural characteristics (geology, altitude, climate, etc) make it difficult for farming. LFAs are shown on your Environmental Information Map provided by RDS.

Grassland, in particular in-bye land, ought to be managed in a way that promotes good soil structure and infiltration of rainwater to avoid run-off. You could consider reducing stocking densities or reducing or avoiding grazing when the soil is wet. You may also consider reducing existing compaction, for example by subsoiling or spiking.

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