ARCHIVE: Entry Level Stewardship Handbook 2005 (PB10355)
EC1/EC2 Protection of in-field trees

Trees are of historic and landscape significance in both arable and grassland situations, and also provide habitat for many invertebrates and birds. To be eligible for this option the trunk of the tree must be entirely within the field, i.e. not part of a field boundary. A tree in a remnant boundary may be considered as an in-field tree where it is not attached to a current boundary feature, and is not in a line of more than three trees with overlapping canopies.

Eligible trees are those over 30 cm diameter at chest height. This option can be applied to groups of up to three trees, where the tree canopies are overlapping. In this situation, each tree will earn the specified number of points.

For trees in this option you must do the following:

  • Do not carry out any cultivations, supplementary feeding of stock, storage of materials or machinery, or weed control (apart from spot treatment) under the canopy of the tree.
  • Leave fallen timber below the canopy.
  • Do not spread fertiliser, farmyard manure or inorganic N, P or K beneath the tree canopy.

EC1, 12 points per tree protected on arable land

EC2, 8 points per tree protected on grassland

Establishment of an uncultivated area around this ancient oak may help to prolong its life

Defra (Ian Johnson)

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