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Mycotoxins in Stored Grain

Mycotoxins are toxic chemicals that are produced by fungi. They can occur in a range of food crops in the field and in grain during storage. They present a serious risk to human and animal health, some are suspected carinogens.

Careful drying and good storage management should minimise post-harvest fungal growth and, so, mycotoxin production.


  • Ensure storage facilities are clean and free from dust and grain residues;
  • Dry grain to less than 16% moisture content as soon as possible after harvest;
  • Take particular care if using on-floor storage facilities to dry grain;
  • Do not mix contaminated grain with clean grain in order to reduce levels of mycotoxins;
  • Do not feed contaminated grain to livestock;
  • If you have any doubt about contamination, grain should be tested for mycotoxin levels.

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