Pesticide Decision Trees

Pesticide Product Decision Trees
High Volume Residual Herbicides

IPU, chlorotoluron and simazine are pesticides which are routinely monitored and found in rivers and streams across the UK. If levels in surface water are not reduced these compounds could face severe use restrictions or, as has already seen with simazine on cereals, have their approvals revoked. Water contamination by pesticides may also lead to an introduction of a pesticide tax that will affect all your pesticide purchases.

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Farmyard sources of pesticide pollution can be easily reduced by following these low cost options:

  • Take great care to avoid any spillage when handling pesticides
  • Choose handling areas/filling sites carefully. Consider risks to surface and groundwater. Never fill at sites where drains or run-off discharges to streams or ditches, avoid filling sprayers on very permeable surfaces where groundwater needs protection.
  • Dispose of spray washings to the crop or a Groundwater Authorised Site. Biobeds may be suitable.

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