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COSHH Assessments on the Farm

The major requirement of the COSHH regulations is that the risks associated with any work activities are adequately assessed. The law requires employers to protect their employees health.

The main activities of a COSHH assessment are:-

  1. Identify all of the hazardous substances on the farm and list the health risks associated with them.
  2. Judge the extent to which they pose a threat to yourself and other staff. Consider the frequency and duration of exposure and how effective any controls are likely to be.
  3. Decide on anything which needs to be done to prevent or control exposure.
  4. Carry out any decisions made.
  5. Keep a check on your employees health, arrange health checks if necessary.

Keep written copies of all this information safe and up to date. You should also keep copies of Health and Safety Data sheets which are available from suppliers for proprietary substances. These must be made available to all employees and must be available quickly in an emergency. For more information contact the Health and Safety Executive.

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