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Consignment Notes / Waste Transfer Notes (WTN)

Under Section 34 of the Environmental Protection Act 1990 it is a legal requirement that all transactions of controlled waste between the two parties be covered by a written description of the waste that is being transferred. This description is written on a document called a waste transfer note. The purpose of the description is to enable each person in the chain dealing with the waste to handle it safely. The description of the waste should be agreed between the two parties involved in the transaction.

Often a professional waste business will provide the documentation for the person holding the waste to fill out. Sometimes you will need to provide it yourself. There is no standard format for a waste transfer note but it must contain certain information.

If you are transferring the same waste between the same two parties on a number of occasions e.g. once a month Company A always collects your cardboard waste then one transfer note " a season ticket" may be used. It can last for up to a year.

More information and examples of a waste transfer note are given in the Environment Agency - Agricultural Waste Duty of Care Guidance Note and in the Duty of Care - Code of Practice

Consignment Notes

The Hazardous Waste Regulations will apply to agricultural waste from the 15th May 2007. With some exceptions, a consignment note must be completed to accompany hazardous waste when it's moved from any premises, including premises that are exempt from registering as a hazardous waste producer.

If you use a professional waste company they normally provide a consignment note and will help you to complete the information required. If you transport the waste yourself you will need to buy a book of consignment notes from the Environment Agency by telephoning 0845 603 1043 or download them from the internet:

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