Salmonella: Code of Practice for the Control of (PB2202)

8. Action to be taken following isolation of salmonella

The action to be taken following the isolation of salmonella will depend on the circumstances of the isolation. The following should be undertaken in all circumstances.

  • Ensure that Defra2, the storekeeper and purchaser are notified of isolation.
  • Thoroughly investigate the circumstances of the isolation, review all procedures and put in hand any necessary remedial action which should include correction of any sources of water ingressed to stores, enhanced control of pests and vermin and more vigourous decontamination of storage areas, etc.
  • Increase the monitoring of any other raw materials in the store and take all necessary precautions to avoid cross contamination.

2    The Zoonoses Order 1989 requires laboratories to report all isolations of salmonella from animal/poultry feedstuffs and ingredients to Defra.
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