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Black bent


Black bent (Agrostis gigantea) is a loosely tufted perennial grass that can grow to a height of 40 to 120 cm. It has tough creeping stolons. Leaves are dull, green and hairless. Sheaths are rounded and smooth. Panicles are erect, oblong and usually open.

Occurrence and spread

Black bent is widely distributed throughout the lowlands of the British Isles. It is a very difficult weed on arable soils. It prefers light sandy and gravely soils.

Bent grasses can develop into dense patches and they are often a problem in fields that are frequently irrigated and where weather is cooler. Black bent is spread by both seed and stolons. Stems root easily at every node.

Control and management

Control can be achieved by a variety of herbicides. For example chlorotoluron alone or as a mixture with isoproturon will control most grasses in winter barley and winter wheat. Seek advice from your BASIS qualified adviser.


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