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Professional Adviser Qualifications 

BASIS is an independent organisation set up at the suggestion of the UK Government in 1978 to establish and assess standards in the pesticide industry relating to storage, transport and competence of staff. It is an industry self-regulated scheme, in line with Government de-regulation policy, giving balanced and independent advice to registered distributors. It does not seek to emulate the role of any Government enforcement agency. BASIS became a registered charity in 1999.

In the 1980s the British Agrochemical Standards Inspection Scheme (BASIS) was one of the worlds first standard setters for pesticide suppliers. In 1992 the company was incorporated and at the same time set up the BASIS Professional Register to help demonstrate the professionalism of advisers. It was decided that, as BASIS was becoming involved in areas of agriculture other than just agrochemicals, (fertiliser with FACTS, Pest Control with PROMPT and more recently environment with BETA and Soil & Water Management) BASIS would no longer use the acronym. Consequently BASIS (Registration) Limited is an independent, self regulatory registration, standards and certification scheme serving the pesticide, fertiliser and allied organisations and interests.

BASIS is an independent registration, standards certification and training organisation (serving pesticide, fertiliser, horticulture, forestry and other relevant interests) , working with and through Industry organisations to implement relevant sections of The Food and Environment Protection Act 1985 and other legislative and Industry Code of Practice requirements.

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The Fertiliser Advisers Certification and Training Scheme (FACTS) is a non-statutory scheme for training and Certificating people who give advice to farmers and growers on the use of fertilisers.

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PROMPT is the Professional Pest Control Register. It lists pest control managers and technicians working Primarily in Public Health but also in Agriculture, who hold a recognised industry qualification, have agreed to abide by a written Code of Professional Ethics and can prove their technical knowledge is up to date.

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BACCS is a scheme for contractors providing professional pesticide application services and advice in the amenity / industrial sector with Associate Membership for Local Authority and Corporate Company Clients.

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The BASIS Professional Register comprises practitioners providing professional pesticide and plant nutritional advice, who continually update their knowledge with ongoing training, providing evidence in the form of CPD points to remain on the register with Associate Membership for supporting service providers.

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BETA - Biodiversity and Environmental Training for Advisors is a new modular training programme which has been developed for advisors to help them to promote biodiversity protection and the use of Crop Protection Management Plans (CPMP) on farms. This training programme benefits from certification gained by examination currently being developed in conjunction with BASIS.

Training will be via a flexible modular approach, combining ‘in-house’ training days facilitated by Train the Trainers events and direct training with a training provider. Good understanding of the following aspects will be required to gain the certificate.

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