ARCHIVE: Entry Level Stewardship Handbook 2005 (PB10355)

Section 5 - Additional requirements that you must agree to

5.1    Good Farming Practice (GFP)

You must abide by the standards of Good Farming Practice as set out in appendix 4 throughout your farm. If you fail to abide by these standards you will be in breach of your agreement. ‘Farm’ for the purposes of Good Farming Practice is simply all the land and associated field boundaries that you farm as one business enterprise, including any land that has not been submitted as part of your ELS application.

If you are receiving payments under the Single Payment Scheme (SPS), you must also ensure that all your agricultural land (including any land in set-aside) is in Good Agricultural and Environmental Condition (GAEC) and complies with Statutory Management Requirements (SMR) as defined by the SPS rules.

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