ARCHIVE: Entry Level Stewardship Handbook 2005 (PB10355)
EM4 Crop protection management plan

Land registered as ‘organic’ or ‘in conversion’ is not eligible. The crop protection management plan must be documented and must include the following steps:

  • Produce your plan in conjunction with a qualified BASIS agronomist.
  • Ensure your plan is site-specific and is updated annually.
  • Make full use of all biological, cultural and chemical methods that can be economically and practically implemented on your farm.
  • Consider farm location, soil type, previous cropping, rotations and any pesticide resistance issues. This can help you anticipate and predict potential problems.
  • Adopt non-chemical control options whenever economic or practical. Include the use of rotations, cultivations and resistant varieties and encourage natural predators by incorporating beetle banks and field margins.
  • Inspect crops regularly and identify weeds, pests and diseases. Cultural and/or chemical techniques should be used and the environmental impact of each choice assessed.
  • Select a pesticide that effectively controls weeds, pests or diseases. The chosen pesticide should minimise impacts on crop pest predators and non-target organisms. Neighbouring crops, wildlife habitats and watercourses should be taken into account before finalising pesticide choice.
  • Minimise environmental impact by spraying under optimum conditions. Avoid field margins and watercourses and minimise spray drift. Always leave hedge bottoms unsprayed. Where appropriate, undertake a Local Environment Risk Assessment for Pesticides (LERAPS).
  • Keep accurate records. These must include the justification for a particular course of action.
  • Regularly maintain all spray machinery in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Store pesticides in accordance with the Green Code (available from Defra Publications, PB 3528) and Health and Safety Executive requirements.
  • Dispose of any surplus pesticide waste and containers in a responsible manner so as not to contaminate the environment.

See appendix 1 for suggested guidance publications.

A crop protection management plan completed for other schemes (such as a farm assurance scheme or LEAF) will count as a crop protection management plan under this option, providing it includes all the requirements described above.

EM4, 2 points per ha. This must be based on the field area growing all annual crops other than grassland.

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