ARCHIVE: Entry Level Stewardship Handbook 2005 (PB10355)

Section 2 - How to complete your postal application

2.1    To apply by post

If you wish to apply by post and have not received the pre-filled application form and maps described below, you must follow the instructions provided inside the front cover of this handbook.

To apply by post, you will need the following:

  • A personalised application form which has been pre-filled with information about you and your land, including RLR field numbers and areas.

Your maps as follows:

  • Environmental Information Map showing designations on your land such as Sites of Special Scientific Interest or Scheduled Monuments, and Less Favoured Areas. This will allow you to identify high priority features on your land which would benefit from the introduction of some of the scheme options.
  • Farm Environment Record (FER) map. This map of your land should be used to prepare your FER (see section 2.3.2 and example FER map, included with this handbook), and should be returned with your application form.
  • Options map. This map of your land should be used to mark where you are putting your scheme options (see section 2.3.4 and example Options map, included with this handbook). This map should also be returned with your application form.

To mark up your FER and Options maps you will need a number of different coloured pencils. Please keep to the colours shown on the colour keys for individual maps.

Once completed, the application form must be submitted to your RDS office with your marked up FER and Options maps. Detailed instructions and guidance on how to complete the application form and how to prepare the maps are provided below. The flow chart at section 2.2 overleaf provides a step by step summary of the postal application process.

Please note that requesting and receiving a set of maps and a personalised application form does not oblige you to apply for the scheme. Your commitment to the scheme will only be made once you send in your application and have received confirmation of acceptance into the scheme from RDS.

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