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ARCHIVE: Single Payment Scheme: Set-aside Handbook & Guidance for England. 2006 Edition



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Please note: The EU Agriculture Council has set the rate of compulsory set-aside for 2008 at 0% and you do not have to manage land as set aside during this time. You may still keep land in voluntary set-aside.


Key dates

Section A - Introduction

Key changes for 2006
Important notes on the law

Section B - Set-aside under the Single Payment Scheme

Land voluntarily taken out of production
Claiming or ‘activating’ set-aside entitlements
Land eligible for set-aside
Land ineligible for set-aside

Land in agri-environment, woodland and energy crops schemes
Land in multi-annual set-aside agreements
Special rules for organic farmers
Section C - How much land to set aside

How much land to set aside in 2006
How much land to set aside in 2007
Transferring set-aside entitlements to another farmer
Insufficient land to meet your set-aside obligation
Completing the SPS application form

Section D - Selecting land to set aside

Plot sizes and set-aside strips
Field margins and headlands
Rotating set-aside land
Switching eligibility for set-aside

Section E - Managing set-aside land

Establishing a green cover

Maintaining and managing the green cover
Alternative management plans
Exemptions from the set-aside management rules
Section F - Use of set-aside land

Prohibited uses
Permitted uses of land during the set-aside period

Uses of land after the end of the set-aside period
Section G - Growing crops for non-food uses on set-aside land

Set-aside management rules
Crops with no food or animal feed use
Growing crops with food or animal feed uses for specific end products
The contract
Crops for on-farm energy use

Section H - Penalties relating to set-aside land  

Appendix 1 Crops which may be grown on set-aside land without a contract provided they are intended for the manufacture of the products listed in Appendix 2
Appendix 2 End products which may be produced from crops grown on set-aside land, other than for human or animal consumption
Appendix 3 Special rules for hemp grown on set-aside land
Appendix 4 Determining whether your land is permanent pasture
Appendix 5 Glossary
Further information
Other existing publications



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