Salmonella: Code of Practice for the Control of (PB2202)

4. Equipment

Ideally, separate equipment should be designated for feedingstuffs raw materials, but it is recognised that resources may not always allow this. Any equipment used to load, unload or otherwise handle raw materials should be suitable for the purpose for which it is being used and should be maintained in a clean condition.

Any equipment used to handle materials other than feedingstuffs raw materials, which could be a source of contamination, or feedingstuffs which are known to contaminated, should be throughly cleaned and dried before being used to handle other raw materials. This is particularly important where raw materials are handled on premises which are also used to house livestock on which their waste, including manure, is handled. Any equipment used to handle animal waste, including manure, should be throughly cleaned, disinfected and dried before being used to handle feedingstuffs raw materials.

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