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Westcountry Rivers Trust

Westcountry Rivers Trust
Rain-Charm House
Kyl Cober Parc
Stoke Climsland
PL17 8PH

Tel: 01579 372140

Email: info@wrt.org.uk
Web: http://www.wrt.org.uk/

The Westcountry Rivers Trust is an environmental charity (Charity No: 1045806) established in 1995 to secure the preservation, protection, development and improvement of the rivers, streams, watercourses and water impoundments in the Westcountry and to advance the education of the public in the management of water.

They work in partnership with external individuals and organisations to share expertise and facilitate better information transfer. By collaborating with a whole range of stakeholders - ranging from individual businesses through to academic institutions, NGOs and government departments - the Trust aims to circumvent sectoral interests and encourages joint solutions to the complex environmental problems.

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