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Soil Management Initiative

Soil Management Initiative (SMI)

UK Soil Management Initiative Ltd
1, The Paddocks
Powey Lane

Alastair Leake: 01572 717220
Vic Jordan: 01244 881815 or 07970 407185
Andre Carter: 01664 823440 or 07775 677436
Colin Stride: 01453 883946 or 07836 727455

Email: smi@smi.org.uk
Web: http://www.smi.org.uk/

The UK Soil Management Initiative (SMI) is an independent organisation created to promote the adoption by UK farmers and advisers of systems designed to protect and enhance soil quality. Agronomic and economic benefits may then be accrued whilst also improving the environment through reduced soil erosion and water pollution. SMI will achieve this through information transfer and advice.

SMI was set up as a non-profit making limited company in January 1999, . It draws on the experience and research of its members to provide solutions to pressing problems caused by poor soil management. It is funded by the EU LIFE fund as well as member organisations. SMI is part of the European Conservation Agriculture Federation (ECAF) which is made up of individuals from the 11 National associations working across Europe to implement sustainable soil management. ECAF is there to co-ordinate efforts and lobby European Government for change and support.

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