Directive Introducing General Community Measures for the Control of Certain Animal Diseases & Specific Measures Relating to Swine Vesicular Disease (1992/119)

Title: Directive Introducing General Community Measures For The Control Of Certain Animal Diseases And Specific Measures Relating To Swine Vesicular Disease

Category: EU Directive

Date: 1993

Reference: 92/119/EEC [Full text not available]

General Description:

This Directive defines the general Community control measures to be applied in the event of an outbreak of one of the diseases listed. These compulsorily notifiable diseases are: rinderpest; peste des petits ruminants; swine vesicular disease; bluetongue; epizootic haemorrhagic disease of deer; sheep and goat pox (Capripox); vesicular stomatitis; Teschen disease; lumpy skin disease; and Rift valley fever.

Pertinence to Agriculture: Animals, Animal Health, Livestock, Livestock Health, Notifiable Diseases, Swine Vesicular Disease

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