Entry Level Stewardship (ELS) Handbook 2013 (NE349)
UL Options for upland grassland and moorland in the uplands
UPDATED in 2013
UL17 No supplementary feeding on moorland
4 points per ha

This option is only available on SDA land above the Moorland Line. It can be used on part or whole-fields. The area must be marked on the Options Map.

Ceasing supplementary feeding on moorland can maintain and improve the quality of habitat.

Supplementary food is generally required where the grazing does not meet the body condition of stock and the development of foetuses in late pregnancy. This could be due to high levels of stocking and/or higher than normal lambing/calving rates. In some circumstances, routine feeding on the moor can be avoided by reducing levels of grazing and/or removing stock off the moor well before lambing/calving, particularly those animals found to be carrying twins.

If feeding management is changed by using this option, it is recommended that checks are made to the body condition of the stock grazing the moor and action is taken to avoid animal health problems.

For this option, you must comply with the following:

  • There must be no supplementary feeding of any kind except as follows:
    • During periods of extreme weather where access to forage is severely restricted and the welfare of livestock might otherwise be compromised. Extreme weather is defined as more than two consecutive days of snow cover or continuous hard frost, prolonged drought or prolonged heavy rainfall.
    • Feeding of non-molassed mineral blocks where a deficiency problem has occurred.
  • Feeders and troughs must not be used at any time.
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